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About Us

I have always loved candles.

I love how they smell, how they look, and how they make a room feel sophisticated and cozy. When shopping for candles the scent is obviously important but I’m always drawn to clean and classic jars. This is what I want for emo candles.

emo founder, Erin

Scent can be a powerful thing. They can recreate memories and even elicit emotions. This is what I want to share with you through my candles. I have carefully selected and combined fragrance oils to represent different emotions and feelings.

I decided to give candle making a shot in November 2019. I bought some fragrance oils and a basic set of tools and started making candles in my kitchen (much to my boyfriend’s chagrin). I instantly fell in love. The entire process made me feel like a kid on Christmas. From nailing that perfect fragrance combo to pouring and testing each candle—I was hooked.

It has taken a lot of trial and error, but I have carefully crafted each candle with love and hope you find your next favorite.

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